Coming Soon: This Blog

Soon, there will be real, live content here. Not just this placeholder content.

Also? News about a BRAND NEW BOOK that you can purchase and enjoy!

Stay tuned…


5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: This Blog

  1. Erin says:

    Very exciting, Mark! I’ve been reading RW Daily for eons and was pleased to see you answering questions on Carrots n Cake the other day…now you’ve birthed your very own site! Congrats and enjoy the process.

  2. Mark Remy says:

    @Erin: First comment! Woo hoo! Thanks.

  3. Looks fancy. I’m impressed. (But I still say an old school animated torch GIF would really class it up.)

  4. John Dwyer says:

    I would never buy any of his books. From the author of self-righteous running books. Thumbs down!

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