About Mark

Mark Remy has written four books about running (plus a dumb training journal) and is a columnist and writer at large for Runner's World magazine. As executive editor of RunnersWorld.com he led the website to a 2008 National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online, its first. 

the National Magazine Awards' "Ellie"

the National Magazine Awards' "Ellie"

Mark has written for outlets including Men's Health, TV Guide, mental_flossCosmopolitan, and Time Inc. In the early '00s, he rose from entertainment editor to executive editor of the men's magazine Stuff before leaving and co-founding Giant, an entertainment magazine for young men, where he was editor in chief and introduced several features that he remains proud of, including a comic, which he wrote, titled "Etymology Man." 

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He has also done stints at Time Inc. and Radar magazine.

In 2015 he founded DumbRunner.com—"an online destination for runners who enjoy laughter and pie."

A runner for more than 20 years, Mark has finished 26 marathons, including seven Bostons, with a personal best time of 2:46.

He's a former cyclist, too, having ridden more than 40 "centuries," or 100-mile rides, over the span of a dozen or so years.

But that was a long, long time ago.